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Construction Simulator 2015 Gold Edition Cheats

One of the real highlights for me was the sheer joy of driving around the village and city. In other games this may seem like a rudimentary activity. But in a game intended to focus on construction it really does create a high level of immersion. The player feels like he or she is living in this world doing the work. That said, Construction Simulator does have its drawbacks. The game can be a resource hog when it comes to graphics. This is an issue many have reported and I too found that, at times, the game lagged. It was never a game-breaking instance, but it was noticeable. Additionally, physics can be wonky. The digging in particular feels unrealistic while the driving takes some getting used to as well. Finally, the controls are a beast when using standard keyboard. Honestly, most vehicle focused games share this issue. In Construction Simulator 2015 Gold this can be remedied by using an Xbox 360 controller, which the game officially supports.

Construction Simulator 2015 Gold Edition cheats

Construction Simulator 2015 Gold Edition is a pretty good game. For those who are interested in construction it is an excellent game. The sheer volume of sims out there makes a game like Construction Simulator a bit hard to stand out in all the noise, but for those willing to take the plunge they will find an enjoyable experience that draws players in and keeps them happily working. Even players like me who never had a second thought about doing construction work. Construction Simulator achieves what any good sim should: simulating a real world activity in such a way that players enjoy it and want to do more of it.

Construction Simulator 2015 is the game you never knew you wanted to play that simulates the job you never really wanted to have. Ok, apologies to construction workers worldwide. But seriously, Construction Simulator makes the hard work of the construction world fun. The games weaknesses - spotty optimization and too much early focus on transporting materials - are overshadowed by its generally solid gameplay.

Construction-Simulator 2015 is a simulator from Astragon, which is already known for bad simulators, but you can't say that about this one. Pro:- Graphics is ok and up-to-date- Good sound- Good gameplay- Detailed vehicles- 15 original vehicles from MAN, Liebherr and STILL- Over 250 tasks on over 150 different construction sites- Workshop- Achievements- Controller and Gamepad support- Large, freely drivable game world- MultiplayerContra:- A lot of bugs, which in some places can really depress the fun of the game- PerformanceAll in all it is a successful construction simulator, even if still with some bugs. The price is reasonable in my opinion and the game offers a lot of content at a rather low price. In any case recommendable for people who like the construction, otherwise it's not for everyone. I give the game 8/10 points. ENGLISH-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Construction Simulator 2015 is a Simulator from Astragon, who are already known for bad Simulators, but this one is a great one. - Positive:- Graphics is ok and contemporary- Good sound- Good gameplay- Detailed vehicles- 15 authentic vehicles from MAN, Liebherr and STILL- Over 250 mission at over 150 different building sites- Workshop- Achievements- Controller and gamepad support- Large, freely passable Gameworld- MultiplayerNegative: Many bugs that can push the gameplay into a badly direction- PerformanceAt all it is a successful Construction Simulator, even still with some Bugs. The Price I think is reasonable and the Game offers a lot of Content for quite low Price. In any event, recommended for People who love the Construction sites, otherwise it's not something for everybody. I give the Game a Rating of 8/10. 350c69d7ab


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