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MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 Download For MAC

MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 Download for MAC

MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 is a powerful and innovative audio editing software that allows you to work with the individual sounds in an audio file visually. You can transpose, extract and optimize sounds in ways never imagined thanks to the unique layers concept for the frequency spectrum . Whether you want to repair and restore audio, create sound design, remix or master your tracks, SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 can help you achieve professional results.

Features of SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130

  • A visual spectrogram for unrivalled sound design, editing and restoration

  • High definition spectrogram for pin-sharp visual detail

  • Redesigned GUI for a smooth and fast workflow

  • Professional tools for repairing and restoring audio

  • Powerful algorithms for high-precision visual editing

  • Spectral Casting: use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast for the overall mix

  • Spectral Molding: transfer frequency characteristics between layers

  • Selection tools: make precise selections in the frequency and time domain

  • Editing tools: move, cut, copy, paste, delete, trim and fade audio layers

  • Transform tools: scale, stretch, pitch shift and transpose audio layers

  • Process tools: apply filters, effects and noise reduction to audio layers

  • Measurement tools: analyze the frequency, phase and amplitude of audio layers

  • View options: customize the appearance and behavior of the spectrogram

  • Seamless integration with other DAWs via ARA2 or VST3 plug-in formats

System Requirements for SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130

To run SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 on your MAC, you need to have the following system requirements:

Download Zip:

Operating SystemProcessorRAMGraphics CardSound CardHard Drive Space

Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, macOS 10.12Intel dual-core processor (Quad-core processor recommended)4 GB RAMOpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card, min. resolution 1280 x 720CoreAudio-compatible audio hardware2 GB for program installation

How to Download and Install SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 on MAC

To download and install SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 on your MAC, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro [here] and click on the "Buy now" button.

  • Select your country and payment method and complete the purchase process.

  • You will receive an email with your serial number and a download link for the installation file.

  • Click on the download link and save the installation file to your MAC.

  • Double-click on the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen to install SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 on your MAC.

  • Launch SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 and enter your serial number when prompted to activate the software.

  • You can now enjoy working with SpectraLayers Pro 5.0.130 on your MAC.

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