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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade - Experience History on Android

Rise of Kingdoms Android: A Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for a fun and immersive strategy game that lets you create your own empire, fight in real-time battles, explore a vast map, and join forces with other players, then you might want to check out Rise of Kingdoms Android. This game is one of the most popular and highly rated games on Google Play, with over 50 million downloads and 4.4 stars out of 5. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to play Rise of Kingdoms Android, covering topics such as how to choose your civilization, how to build your city, how to fight in real-time battles, how to explore and investigate the map, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a solid foundation on how to play Rise of Kingdoms Android like a pro.

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How to Choose Your Civilization

One of the first things you need to do when you start playing Rise of Kingdoms Android is to choose your civilization. There are 13 civilizations in the game, each with its own unique units, buildings, bonuses, and history. Choosing your civilization is an important decision that will affect your gameplay style and strategy. Here are the 13 civilizations and their advantages:

The 13 Civilizations and Their Advantages

  • Rome: Rome has a strong infantry unit called Legionary, a special building called Trajan's Column that increases troop capacity, and a bonus that increases troop march speed.

  • Germany: Germany has a powerful cavalry unit called Teutonic Knight, a special building called Hermann's Statue that increases troop training speed, and a bonus that increases action point recovery.

  • Britain: Britain has a formidable archer unit called Longbowman, a special building called Stonehenge that increases resource production speed, and a bonus that increases alliance troop capacity.

  • France: France has a versatile infantry unit called Throwing Axeman, a special building called Notre Dame that increases hospital capacity, and a bonus that increases troop health.

  • Spain: Spain has a swift cavalry unit called Conquistador, a special building called Alcazar that increases resource gathering speed, and a bonus that increases experience gain from barbarians.

  • China: China has a resilient infantry unit called Chu-Ko-Nu Crossbowman, a special building called Great Wall that increases city defense power, and a bonus that increases building speed.

  • Japan: Japan has an agile archer unit called Samurai, a special building called Torii that increases scout march speed, and a bonus that increases troop attack.

  • Korea: Korea has a sturdy archer unit called Hwarang, a special building called Hwarangdo that increases research speed, and a bonus that increases hospital healing speed.

  • Arabia: Arabia has a fierce cavalry unit called Mamluk, a special building called House of Wisdom that increases damage to barbarians, and a bonus that increases rally attack.

  • Ottoman: Ottoman has a deadly archer unit called Janissary, a special building called Topkapi Palace that increases skill damage, and a bonus that increases active skill recovery.

  • Byzantium: Byzantium has a durable cavalry unit called Cataphract, a special building called Hippodrome that increases cavalry defense, and a bonus that increases troop health.

  • Vikings: Vikings have a fearsome infantry unit called Berserker, a special building called Thingstead that increases troop training capacity, and a bonus that increases troop load.

  • Mongolia: Mongolia has a rapid cavalry unit called Mangudai, a special building called Ordu that increases cavalry march speed, and a bonus that increases cavalry attack.

How to Change Your Civilization

If you are not satisfied with your current civilization, you can change it for free once before you reach City Hall level 10. To do this, you need to go to your profile, tap on the Change Civilization button, and choose your new civilization. You will keep your current city level, troops, commanders, resources, and items, but you will lose your special units and buildings. You will also get new ones according to your new civilization. If you want to change your civilization again after using the free option, you will need to spend 10,000 gems. You can also get a Civilization Change item from some events or bundles. Changing your civilization is a big decision, so make sure you do it wisely. You should consider factors such as your gameplay style, your alliance's needs, and your long-term goals.

How to Build Your City

Building your city is one of the main aspects of Rise of Kingdoms Android. Your city is where you produce resources, train troops, research technologies, and more. You need to upgrade your city hall to unlock new buildings and features. You also need to gather resources from the map or from other sources to build and upgrade your buildings. You can join an alliance to get help from other players and access alliance buildings and benefits. Here are some of the basics of city management and some tips on how to optimize your city layout and defense.

The Basics of City Management

  • City Hall: The city hall is the most important building in your city. It determines your city level, your resource production rate, your troop capacity, your building queue slots, and more. You need to upgrade your city hall to unlock new buildings and features. The higher your city hall level, the more powerful your city becomes.

  • Resources: There are four types of resources in the game: food, wood, stone, and gold. You need resources to build and upgrade your buildings, train troops, research technologies, heal troops, and more. You can produce resources in your farms, lumber mills, quarries, and gold mines. You can also gather resources from the map or from other sources such as events, rewards, alliance gifts, etc.

  • Troops: Troops are the units that you use to fight in battles. There are four types of troops in the game: infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege. Each type of troop has its own strengths and weaknesses, and can counter or be countered by another type. You can train troops in your barracks, stables, archery ranges, and siege workshops. You can also upgrade your troops in the academy. The higher your troop tier, the stronger your troops become.

  • Technologies: Technologies are the upgrades that you can research in the academy. There are two types of technologies in the game: economic and military. Economic technologies improve your resource production, building speed, gathering speed, etc. Military technologies improve your troop attack, defense, health, march speed, etc. You need to research technologies to enhance your city's performance and your troops' power.

  • Alliances: Alliances are the groups of players that you can join or create in the game. Alliances provide many benefits such as alliance help, alliance gifts, alliance territory, alliance buildings, alliance buffs, alliance events, etc. You can also chat with your alliance members and coordinate with them in battles. Joining an alliance is highly recommended as it can make your gameplay easier and more enjoyable.

The Best City Layouts and Tips

One of the features that makes Rise of Kingdoms Android unique is that you can customize your city layout. You can move your buildings around and arrange them according to your preference. However, there are some factors that you should consider when designing your city layout, such as space efficiency, defense strategy, and aesthetics. Here are some examples of city layouts and some tips on how to optimize your city layout and defense:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

This layout is based on space efficiency. It maximizes the use of the available space by placing the buildings close to each other and to the edges of the city. This layout also minimizes the gaps between the buildings, which can be used by enemies to attack your city from different angles.

This layout is based on defense strategy. It places the most important buildings, such as the city hall, the hospital, the academy, and the storehouse, in the center of the city. It also surrounds them with walls and other buildings to create a buffer zone. This layout makes it harder for enemies to reach and damage your vital buildings.

This layout is based on aesthetics. It arranges the buildings in a symmetrical and harmonious way. It also uses decorations and themes to create a pleasing visual effect. This layout may not be the most efficient or defensive, but it shows your creativity and personality.

Some general tips on how to optimize your city layout and defense are:

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