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My Talking Dog: The Best Virtual Pet Game Ever

There's a new trend on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram that has led to a frenzy of pet lovers. You've probably seen it, that is the funny talking animals videos: for a talking dog, or a funny talking cat, and more!

my talking dog

If you want to know how to make your dog talk on TikTok or try to make a talking animal video online for free to share on your social media accounts? Keep reading and learn how to do the dog voice over on TikTok and make a talking dog video online.

TikTok itself provides you with powerful Voiceover and Voice Effects tools to help you do dog voiceover and make a funny talking dog video on TikTok easily. You can find the Voiceover tool in the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the editing screen.

Here, we also share a powerful online tool, FlexClip, to help you make a talking dog video with great ease. Editing your talking dog video and dubbing your pets with help from FlexClip is actually very easy, here we show you the whole process with detailed steps.

A talking animal video is a fantastic way to show people your awesome pets and attract tons of views. Just try funny talking animals videos on TikTok or using FlexClip right now: for a talking dog, or a funny talking cat, and more!

Watch My Chops (also known as Corneil & Bernie) is a French animated series about an intelligent talking dog, Corneil, and his "dog sitter", Bernie Barges. It starred Keith Wickham, Ben Small, Dian Perry, Dan Russell, Becca Stewart, Laurence Bouvard and more recently Mark Laidman. The series originally aired from 2003 to 2004 for 52 episodes[1] and was revived from 2014 to 2016 for an additional 52 episodes, bringing the total to 104.

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