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At Why Be Divided, we believe in the power of clothing to convey a message of unity, equality, peace, and positivity. Our Thug Love T-Shirt, adorned with the iconic YB÷ logo, is not just a piece of clothing – it's a statement of solidarity that aims to dissolve the illusion of division and inspire positive change.


🌟50% of net profits from each sale go directly to The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation to highlight & assist their efforts "eradicating the effects of trauma on our community by raising awareness of its impact on mental health and wellness."


Product Details:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted with the utmost care and dedication, our Thug Love T-Shirt ensures both comfort and durability, ensuring it becomes your go-to choice for expressing your values through fashion.

  • Symbol of Unity: The striking image of 2pac wearing a red and blue bandanna on our t-shirt signifies the convergence of different backgrounds, coming together to break down barriers and promote unity. It's a reminder that despite differences, we are all part of a larger community striving for harmony.

  • YB÷ Logo: The YB÷ logo, synonymous with Why Be Divided, serves as a badge of honor for those who stand against division and embrace the ideals of unity, equality, and peace.

  • Harmonize Humanity: Back 'HH' logo print showcasing our collaborative efforts, partnering for a better tomorrow. Raise your vibration by becoming accountable for your actions, increasing the frequency of those around you accordingly.

  • Powerful Message: By wearing the Thug Love T-Shirt, you're not just making a fashion statement – you're advocating for positive change. Let your clothing be a conversation starter and an opportunity to spread the message of unity and positivity.

  • Versatile Style: Whether you're pairing it with your favorite jeans or dressing it up with a blazer, this t-shirt seamlessly integrates into your wardrobe, adding a touch of iconic style to any ensemble.


Join the Movement: Why Be Divided is more than a clothing company; it's a movement towards a more connected world. The Thug Love T-Shirt serves as a tangible representation of your commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering an atmosphere of harmony.


Make a difference with your fashion choices. Wear the Thug Love T-Shirt proudly and inspire conversations that lead to positive change.


Choose unity. Choose Why Be Divided.


"The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath
When will I finally get to rest through this oppression?
They punish the people that's askin' questions
And those that possess, steal from the ones without possessions
The message I stress, to make it stop, study your lessons
Don't settle for less, even the genius asks questions
Be grateful for blessings
Don't ever change, keep your essence
The power is in the people and politics, we address
Always do your best, don't let this pressure make you panic
And when you get stranded
And things don't go the way you planned it
Dreamin' of riches, in a position of makin' a difference
Politicians and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen
If I'm insane, it's the fame made a brother change
It wasn't nothin' like the game
It's just me against the world"


2pac - ♡⁠🌹

THUG LOVE fitted crew t-shirt (white)

Excluding Sales Tax

This t-shirt is comfortable, soft, lightweight, and form-fitting. It's an ideal staple piece for any wardrobe!

• 100% combed ring-spun cotton
• Heather Grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
• Fabric weight: 4.3 oz/yd² (145.8 g/m²)
• 32 singles
• Pre-shrunk

Harmonize Humanity back hit✨

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