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AWS To Open Bahrain Data Centres To Cater To Growing MENA Customer Base

In 2022, various initiatives have been implemented to cater to data center demand in the region. These include Nokia launching 5G private wireless networks to support enterprise digital transformation; Amazon Web Services (AWS) launching a cloud-based region in the UAE; e& opening its cable landing station and data center called SmartHub Kalba; Ooredoo Oman constructing three more state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centers with 500 rack-capacity in Barka, Salalah and Sohar; and new data centers from stc and partners unveiled in Riyadh to provide a wide range of proven and secure public cloud computing solutions.

AWS to open Bahrain data centres to cater to growing MENA customer base

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Cloud-based solutions. The growing use of SaaS cloud solutions has generated data center market expansion opportunities. For more scalability and easier distribution of workloads across servers, there will be more migration to software-defined data centers (SDDCs). These data centers utilize virtualization technologies to recreate computing power and storage in software form. Edge computing is also one of the prominent technological developments for data centers in 2023, aiming to bring down latency and improve the overall performance of connected devices. Hybrid cloud deployments are also on the rise, where critical data and resources are managed on secure private servers and can be moved to a public server for different processing requirements.

For hyperscale and cloud-based facilities, the need to deliver ultra-reliable connectivity for a growing number of users, devices and applications requires the ability to deploy and manage ever-higher fiber counts. Technologies like rollable ribbons and 200-micron fiber are deployed to support the increased demand for inter-data center connectivity.

Hyther Nizam, President, MEA,Zoho Corporation, who was in Bahrain to conduct a major meeting for the clients,customers and business partners, told a Press conference that Zoho was lookingat opening full-fledged office and data centre in the Kingdom of Bahrain infuture.

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