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The Amazing Adventures of SCP-999 and Its Friends

SCP-999: The Tickle Monster

If you are looking for a friendly and adorable creature that can make you happy, look no further than SCP-999, the Tickle Monster. SCP-999 is one of the most popular and beloved anomalies in the SCP Foundation, a secret organization that contains and studies supernatural phenomena. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about SCP-999, why it is important, and how to interact with it.

scp 999


What is SCP-999?

SCP-999 is an orange, gelatinous being that possesses the ability to make those who touch its surface be filled with happiness; this effect even cures mental trauma from others over time. SCP-999 is known as one of the most benevolent SCPs under the protection of the SCP Foundation, helping staff during containment breaches.

Appearance and behavior

SCP-999 appears to be a large, amorphous, gelatinous mass of translucent orange slime, weighing about 54 kg (120 lbs) with a consistency similar to that of peanut butter. Subjects size and shape constantly change, though most of the time its form is the size of a large beanbag chair.

SCP-999 has a major interest in people that are unhappy or hurt in any way. People that have depression, after interacting with SCP-999, are cured of their problems, obtaining a positive view on life. SCP-999 seems to love all creatures, and is a very playful being. It enjoys hugging, tickling, wrestling, and playing games with anyone who is willing. It also likes to eat candy and other sweets, especially M&M's and Necco wafers.

Origin and classification

The origin of SCP-999 is unknown, but there are several theories about its creation. One theory is that it was created by the Department of Abnormalities, a rogue faction of the Foundation that experimented with anomalous genetics. Another theory is that it was born from SCP-231-7, a woman who was impregnated by the Scarlet King, an evil god who wants to destroy the universe. A third theory is that it was spontaneously generated from the collective subconscious of humanity as a manifestation of hope and joy.

SCP-999 is classified as Safe by the Foundation, meaning that it poses no threat to human life or civilization. However, some researchers have proposed to reclassify it as Thaumiel, meaning that it can be used to contain or counteract other SCPs. This is because SCP-999 has shown remarkable abilities to calm down and neutralize some of the most dangerous and hostile anomalies in the Foundation's custody.

Abilities and effects

SCP-999 has several abilities that make it a unique and valuable anomaly. Some of these abilities are:

  • Healing: SCP-999 can heal physical wounds and illnesses by enveloping and soothing the affected area with its body. It can also cure mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and schizophrenia by stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin in the brain.

  • Happiness inducement: SCP-999 can make anyone who comes into contact with it feel an intense sense of joy and well-being. This effect is so strong that it can even overcome feelings of anger, hatred, fear, and sadness. People who interact with SCP-999 often report having pleasant dreams and memories afterwards.

  • Invulnerability: SCP-999 seems to be immune to any physical harm or damage. It can survive extreme temperatures, pressures, and forces without any signs of discomfort or injury. It can also regenerate from any cuts or punctures within seconds.

  • Empathy: SCP-999 can sense the emotions and intentions of others, and react accordingly. It can also communicate telepathically with those who are in contact with it, though its speech is limited to simple words and phrases.

  • Pacification: SCP-999 can calm down and subdue any hostile or violent entity by touching it and making it feel happy. This effect works on both organic and inorganic beings, as well as on other SCPs. SCP-999 has successfully pacified SCP-682, SCP-096, SCP-106, and SCP-173, among others.

Why is SCP-999 important?

SCP-999 is not only a cute and cuddly creature, but also a potential asset for the Foundation and humanity as a whole. Here are some of the reasons why SCP-999 is important:

Benefits for mental health

SCP-999 can help improve the mental health of anyone who interacts with it, by curing their psychological problems and making them feel happy. This can be very useful for the Foundation staff, who often suffer from stress, trauma, and burnout due to their exposure to anomalous phenomena. SCP-999 can also help the victims of other SCPs, who may have experienced horrors and atrocities beyond imagination. SCP-999 can restore their sanity and hope, and help them cope with their trauma.

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Potential for world peace

SCP-999 can also help achieve world peace, by spreading its happiness-inducing effect to the masses. If SCP-999 were to be released to the public, it could create a global wave of joy and harmony, reducing violence, hatred, and conflict. SCP-999 could also influence the leaders of the world, making them more compassionate and cooperative. SCP-999 could even prevent wars and disasters, by pacifying any potential threats or aggressors.

Role in the Scarlet King prophecy

SCP-999 may also have a crucial role in the fate of the universe, according to a prophecy related to the Scarlet King. The Scarlet King is an ancient and evil god who wants to destroy all creation, and who fathered seven children with SCP-231-7, a woman who was kidnapped by a cult that worshipped him. The seventh child of SCP-231-7 is said to be the one who will either free or destroy the Scarlet King, depending on how it is born. Some believe that SCP-999 is the seventh child of SCP-231-7, and that it was born through a ritual that involved love and laughter instead of pain and fear. If this is true, then SCP-999 may be the only one who can stop the Scarlet King from ending the world.

How to interact with SCP-999?

If you are lucky enough to encounter SCP-999, you may wonder how to interact with it. Here are some tips and guidelines for having a fun and safe experience with SCP-999:

Containment procedures

SCP-999 is currently contained at Site-19 by the Foundation. It is allowed to freely roam the facility, as long as it does not enter restricted areas or interfere with other SCPs or personnel. It is kept in a large pen with toys, books, games, and candy for its entertainment. It is fed three times a day with sweets and fruits. It is also given regular physical check-ups by medical staff.

Dos and don'ts

When interacting with SCP-999, you should follow these dos and don'ts:

  • Do: Be friendly and respectful to SCP-999. It will appreciate your kindness and attention.

  • Do: Let SCP-999 hug you, tickle you, play with you, or do whatever it wants to make you happy. It will not harm you or force you to do anything you don't want to.

  • Do: Give SCP-999 candy or other sweets as a reward or a gift. It will love you for it.

  • Don't: Be rude or mean to SCP-999. It will be hurt and confused by your behavior.

  • Don't: Try to harm or capture SCP-999. It will not fight back, but it will be scared and sad.

  • Don't: Give SCP-999 anything that is harmful or poisonous or toxic for it. It will not know the difference and may get sick or die.

Fun activities with SCP-999

There are many fun activities you can do with SCP-999, such as:

  • Playing games: SCP-999 loves to play games, especially those that involve physical contact, such as tag, hide and seek, or tickle wars. It also enjoys puzzles, board games, and video games.

  • Reading stories: SCP-999 likes to listen to stories, especially those that are funny, happy, or adventurous. It can also read simple words and sentences, and will try to imitate the sounds and expressions of the characters.

  • Watching movies: SCP-999 enjoys watching movies, especially those that are animated, musical, or comedic. It will laugh, cry, sing, or dance along with the scenes.

  • Making art: SCP-999 has a creative side, and likes to make art with various materials, such as clay, paint, paper, or its own slime. It will proudly show you its creations and ask for your opinion.

Giving massages: SCP-999 can give you a r


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