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Y B ÷ is a question that is inherently open for interpretation... whY Be Divided - by race, color, creed,


gender, sexuality, racially, religiously, politically, or otherwise. It is a call to action, bringing forth a


community of visionaries, encouragers, optimists, creatives, believers and dreamers; who strive to


              raise the collective conscious to Harmonize Humanity® 

We here at Y B ÷ feel that the identity and name of a brand is an opportunity to reflect


    its values, vision and message. The Y B ÷ logo stands for unity, equality, peace and


      positivity; encouraging acceptance, tolerance, compassion and social responsibility


        for our communities and its environment.    

When you wear Y B ÷  &  Harmonize Humanity you acknowledge that you do not


  accept the status quo; that you hold within you the power and potential to create


   change. And when you see your fellow human supporting the cause, there is an


unspoken mutual affirmation that you are of the same frequency, tribe and stars.