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YB÷ | A Symbol of Unity, Eqaulity, Peace & Positivity - the embodiment of this generation's new Peace Sign ✌️ 


Eradicate the facade of division and foster a world where unity, equality, peace, and positivity flourish. The YB÷ design encapsulates the core essence of Why Be Divided's mission – it's not just an abbreviation; it's a movement. This iconic design serves as a poignant reminder that unity triumphs over division, echoing the ideals we stand for.


A Modern Peace Sign: Much like the Peace Sign that became an emblem of the past generation's quest for harmony, the YB÷ Stencil T-Shirt is this generation's symbol for unity and peace. Wear it proudly to be part of a new era of positive change.


Wear Your Convictions: By donning the YB÷ Unity T-Shirt, you're not just showcasing your fashion sense – you're making a statement. Feel secure knowing that 50% of the profits from your purchase go toward supporting non-profits aligned with our cause. Why Be Divided is more than a brand; it's a movement. We're committed to eliminating divisions, and the YB÷ Unity T-Shirt is a tangible testament to our vision.


Fashion with Impact: Infuse your wardrobe with meaningful fashion. Spark conversations, inspire change, and exhibit your commitment to a world free from divisions. Each purchase of the YB÷ Unity T-Shirt supports Why Be Divided's initiatives aimed at erasing divisions and spreading unity, equality, peace, and positivity globally.


Be the Change: The YB÷ Unity T-Shirt is more than clothing; it's a catalyst for change. Wear it with pride, ignite conversations, and inspire others to join the journey towards unity.

Redefine fashion, dismantle divisions, and pave the way for a world filled with harmony, one tee at a time... be a driving force for a world united in harmony. 

STENCIL embroidered crop tee (dark grey heather)

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Show summer a little love with this cropped flowy tee. It has a flattering modest-crop silhouette and a beautiful design that highlights all that is amazing about living the crop top life.

• 65% polyester, 35% viscose
• Relaxed flowy fit
• Tailored inset sleeves
• Side-seamed construction

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