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Sims 4 Bigger Breasts Mod

CmarNYC has made the more recent version of the Breast Separation mod compatible with all gender expressions so long as the body frame being used is a femme one, which leaves out a lot of characters with non-binary or otherwise unique body shapes. Using the traits.equip_trait trait_Breasts_ForceOn cheat as outlined in this video by YouTuber Trans Simmer will equip masc frames with breasts, but unfortunately the breast slider mod will not work with them. You can still adjust the size and sag on masc frame breasts at least, but hopefully the mod will update eventually to properly include these body frames as well.

sims 4 bigger breasts mod

In addition to the lack of functionality for masc framed sims with breasts, the Breast Separation Slider is not compatible with mods that also change or replace the frame of your femme Sims, due to the fact that the slider mod is itself an override to the vanilla body. The good news is that you can use it in combination with other body sliders for the Sims 4, including nearly all clothing mods and CC. Just keep an eye out on how other slider mods function; sometimes modders will attach extraneous slider effects to lesser-used areas of body adjustment (the feet are a pretty popular area, for example) so take care to avoid using any other sliders that are controlled by the manipulating the breast area.

Use this slider to give your sims plump, kissable lips that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine! If your character has a profile that looks like their lips are squished against a piece of glass, this mod will give them a nice dose of filler. In the sims do they still do duck face, or are they called llama lips instead? Whatever you call them, achieve the perfect pout with this slider mod!

Okay, so I just added a bunch of CC and apparently one of them removed the breast size limit?? I put 2 pictures, one is the biggest and the other is the smallest size. I just want normal, vanilla size breasts and its sizing mechanics but I have no idea how to find that specific mod/cc. I can send my mod list/file to whomever is willing to help.

Adds a breast shape slider to CAS on the side profile view for teen, young adult, adult and elder females of either feminine or masculine frames. Drag upwards to make the breasts round and drag down for the breast to shape pointier. Dragging to left or right will make breasts larger and smaller.

Update 2019-06-24: Mermaid-compatible!A new skin for female sims! R skin 16Version 2 includes a breast cleavage!This is a skin version that comes with its own colours (full coverage skin). It won't adapt to the basegame skin colours!Previews were taken without HQ mod and without any makeup or other skindetails except for lashes eyeliners.- 33 colours (reworked colour palette)- HQ compatible (see creator's notes)- skin detail category- female only- custom thumbnailEnjoy! 350c69d7ab


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