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Bible Quiz: Questions and Answers for All Ages and Interests

We hope you have enjoyed our lists of Bible trivia questions and answers, as well as the Bible trivia quizzes. One is never too young or old to play trivia games, and our collection should make any get-together, Bible class, or devotional more fun.

Since there are 39 books in the Old Testament, it contains a tremendous amount of information. Our collection of trivia covers many of the well-known Old Testament people, places, and events. We have a rather extensive list of Bible trivia questions and answers, a trivia quiz to test your knowledge, and Old Testament Bible trivia questions and quiz for kids. Enjoy!

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I am a vbs director in our church. And tomorrow were gonna have a jamboree. One of the games is bible quiz. Thank you to the people behind this website. It is a helping hand to us. GOD BLESS and May Our LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to used you and to bless other people. ?

I am going to post question on index cards, with the verse of the answer and have my children look them up, and then give me the answer and read the verse, get a dime or quarter. Figuring that out. But, worth the money if it gets them to dig into the bible

Thousands of kids each year are all the evidence you need to see that kids can have a blast while memorizing God's Word. With over 30 years of proven ministry success; Junior Bible Quiz is helping kids learn God's Word and build a faith that lasts a lifetime! Quiz seasons typically begin in September and run through April. Post season quizzing including regional and national tournaments extend invitations to top qualifying teams. Discover more about Junior Bible Quiz in Indiana as you browse this site.

In Nazarene Bible Quizzing, two or three teams made of up to five members compete against each other with participants jumping off of a chair to answer a question. The jumping triggers an electronic lockout device in the seat, and only the first person to jump may answer the question. Should someone jump before the question is completed, he/she must finish the question and give the answer. In this respect, the competition is similar to other Christian denominational Bible quiz ministries.

Official Nazarene Bible quizzes can be placed in two categories. National Track quizzes have a direct bearing on Nationals competitions, and Non-National Track do not have a direct bearing on Nationals qualification.

Youth Bible quizzing is one of many facets of Evangelical culture that evolved in the 20th century as a Christian alternative to secular entertainments. Instead of joining a mainstream game of knowledge, why not do something that is not only fun (theoretically) but will also deepen your knowledge of scripture and thus strengthen your faith (theoretically)? There are slight rule variations among different quizzing organizations, but most stick with concentrating on one book of the Bible during a given school year. The middle and high school participants memorize the material to the point where they can not just recite answers but anticipate the questions. To get an idea of how intense quizzing is, consider this: the movie opens with a judge asking a kid to recite every chapter of the Bible in which Jesus is mentioned by name, and the kid is able to do so with no trouble.

For many years, most denominational Bible quiz programs followed an agreed-upon cycle of New Testament books that repeated every eight years. In addition, these denominations agreed to quiz over the same version of the Bible, the New International Version (1984). The goals of this World Bible Quizzing alliance were to allow denominations to attend each other's tournaments and to promote unity in the body of Christ.

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However, the 2011 revisions to the NIV caused many of these denominations to reconsider the text that they would use. Some chose other translations (English Standard Version, Berean Study Bible, and King James). And since they were no longer committed to the same translation as the other allied denominations, some have chosen to alter their quiz cycle, adding additional books (New Testament and Old Testament), and no longer limiting themselves to an 8-year cycle. This has had the effect of increasing sectarian autonomy at the cost of diminished unity.

It's that time again! As kids head back to school across Texas, we begin our new Junior Bible Quiz season. Time to dust off those quiz boxes and round up the Bible Fact-Paks! Talk to the families who are new to your church and get them enthused about our awesome ministry! And it's time to register your teams for the 2022-2023 quiz season, too.

Use the links at the top to check out our quiz calendar, contact your Area Coordinator, and register your team. There's a lot more to help you on your Junior Bible Quiz journey, so click that "More" button to discover all the great stuff.

In an effort to encourage our young people to be more versed in the Old and New Testaments, our Department has created a series of bible quizzes. Each set contains anywhere from 15-75 questions and answers, depending on the length of the book. This is a great resource for a weekly GOYA session, Sunday School, or even an icebreaker activity at a retreat. Encourage your young people to read a specific chapter/book at home, then plan a "game night" to gather, discuss, and test their knowledge.

Perhaps the most entertaining and valuable competition that ODACS sponsors is the Bible Quizzing competition. Students study God's Word and then quiz in an atmosphere of excellent sportsmanship and intense competition.

This year our 12 student competitors are memorizing the books of Hebrews and 1 Peter & 2 Peter. On average quizzers memorize 200+ verses from September through March. We have quiz meets once a month on Sundays from 2 p.m.-5 p.m. at various churches around Lancaster and Dauphin Counties. This Saturday we are excited to see if we can place in the top 5!

MACSA Bible Quizzing presents an amazing opportunity for students of all ages. The discipline of quizzing trains students to memorize God's Word and then maintain it in their memory. As a quizzer for several years, I have experienced the blessing of having God's Word ingrained in my mind and heart. Although I may not be able to remember every single verse years from now, I think the passages I memorized will still be comfortingly familiar and the lessons God taught me will still be sweet."

This beats or equals 4.8% of test takers. This quiz was really tough. 40% of the people knew Habakkuk. really? sillie +6 Level 78 May 16, 2014 You scored 15/66 = 23%. This beats or equals 9.2% of test takers.

-- I think that the people who take this quiz are people who know about the Bible in general. People tend to avoid quizzes they are completely clueless about. providence +5 Level 17 Jul 26, 2014 Actually, if you really know your Bible, you would know that pampelius +17 Level 47 Dec 23, 2014 Yeah well if you really know your Bible, you would know them all. What's your point exactly? ctleng76 +15 Level 65 Dec 12, 2018 The numbers are high, because those who know the bible well are more likely to take the quiz. Those who don't know it probably skip it. Just like I skip any quizzes related to professional Hockey, Basketball and Soccer. xXViolaXx +1 Level 67 Feb 24, 2022 I always remember it because I believe it's about an angel that visits to fortell the revelation, yes? OR I am a good ol Catholic who knows so little of the Bible? LOL Ithabise +9 Level 28 Aug 19, 2011 As long as we understand that "minor" doesn't mean anything inferior to the major prophets. The books are far shorter, that's all. jadekelly +4 Level 25 Sep 30, 2011 9/66 I'm quite pleased with that having never read the Bible in my life and having only been to church for weddings and school Christmas services, I knew the first 5 of the Old Testament and the first 4 of the New. kiwiquizzer +2 Level 68 Dec 1, 2016 Well done! Maladroit +5 Level 52 May 19, 2017 Why are you pleased? Sifhraven +15 Level 66 Jun 15, 2019 Because he got answers right in a field that is obscure to him, pretty obvious/logical imo. paula05 +1 Level 36 Dec 25, 2012 38. mrsmollyd +1 Level 16 Jul 30, 2013 All 66 with 5:08 left! thecoolestdude2 +1 Level 69 Jul 31, 2013 got them all with 3:08 left!!!! errie8906 +1 Level 28 Jan 11, 2014 66/66 got Titus with 5 seconds remaining Amiiville +1 Level 15 Jan 29, 2014 I only got twelve and I like grew up in church... what is my problem, it's been too long. Zayn8888 +1 Level 25 May 20, 2020 Same here, we must go back to the start and re-start reading the book again, hehe brokal +2 Level 30 Apr 12, 2014 Got them all with 4:25 left! And no, I did not copy straight from the table of contents on my Bible. :) ander217 +4 Level 76 May 20, 2014 It took me a couple of minutes to get Lamentations. I kept going through all the prophets in my head trying to remember which one I was forgetting. smartcookie17 +4 Level 45 May 27, 2014 I had to learn them a good many times for my AWANA program, so I've still got them in my head.

"I will hide Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You." Apparently it refers to the books of the Bible as well, hmm? ecp +4 Level 43 Jun 19, 2014 Why is it that Micah is designed to trip me up by not asking for the H, but Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah, Jonah, Zephaniah, and Zechariah are not? KingofQuiz +12 Level 45 Jun 27, 2014 66/66 on first try with 4:04 left; obviously, I am a Protestant. I'll be praying for you all! :) kalbahamut +8 Level 83 Dec 25, 2014 I'll be clicking my heels together and making wishes for you. kiwiquizzer +23 Level 68 Dec 1, 2016 Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, and wit is the lowest form of humour. kalbahamut +6 Level 83 Dec 25, 2016 Wow, I'm so incredibly humbled. DOUGHnut1 +3 Level 35 Apr 1, 2022 Don't insult Christianity just to find an argument. You'll find that you will lose more often then win. kalbahamut +1 Level 83 Dec 12, 2022 I'm using an apt metaphor to make a joke, not insulting anyone or making any sort of argument. You see the joke as insulting and argumentative because the apt metaphor triggers some self-realization that puts you on the defensive... consider why. Fishbone +12 Level 50 Jan 23, 2019 Gotta give that round to Kiwi, very well said. Pride prevents the recipient from comprehending, but let's give him a few more years. TWM03 +2 Level 67 Feb 17, 2019 Fishbone do you exist solely to troll kalbahamut? I have seen a few of your comments now all declaring that kal has lost an argument and nothing else except maybe a casual insult. TWM03 +2 Level 67 Feb 17, 2019 Oh actually you agreed with some of his comments on the Word Scramble - Countries quiz. So I kind of retract that. kalbahamut +1 Level 83 May 28, 2019 First time I've noticed this person but yes my head is so full of thoughts of how amazing I am that I am much too stupid to understand that I got owned by the guy snootily ranking forms of humor so as to make themselves feel superior to someone making a joke they disagree with. He's totally got me pegged. Fishbone +2 Level 50 Jun 5, 2020 TWM03, I call 'em like I see 'em. thanks for noticing that I give opinions (both good and bad). Kal has enough trolls already and knows how to put on his big boy pants, he doesn't need me. Awesomeness101 +1 Level 53 Oct 13, 2014 Got em all in order with 3 minutes to spare ruth457 +1 Level 15 Oct 27, 2014 Yay! 100% APHill +1 Level 74 Nov 10, 2014 Got them all with 4:14 left. Thanks, Sunday school! englishsystem +2 Level 68 Nov 21, 2014 You scored 16/66 = 24%. Sad that I only remembered this many books. Proud that I haven't wasted time memorizing more because religion is a waste of time. JenkinsEar +10 Level 86 Dec 25, 2014 If religion is truly a waste of time, wouldn't you be more proud (and not sad at all) if you hadn't remembered any? kiwiquizzer +23 Level 68 Dec 1, 2016 Religion may be a waste of time, but a relationship with God isn't. Conservatopia +23 Level 31 Apr 4, 2018 We shall soon see who is right Kal...


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