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Incredibox Blinding Lights: The Best Music Game You Can Play Online

How to Download Incredibox Blinding Lights and Enjoy the Music

Do you love music and want to create your own beats with a simple and fun app? Do you want to explore different musical genres and atmospheres with a group of animated beatboxers? Do you want to discover one of the most popular songs of 2020 and its mod for Incredibox? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you. In this article, we will show you how to download Incredibox Blinding Lights, a mod that lets you play with the song "Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd on Incredibox, a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. We will also explain what Incredibox and Blinding Lights are, and give you some tips and tricks to make the most out of your musical experience.

download incredibox blinding lights

What is Incredibox?

Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. It was developed and published by the French company So Far So Good (SFSG) in 2009, and since then it has become a hit with people of all ages, with more than 75 million players worldwide.

A fun, interactive music experience

Incredibox is a music app that is part game, part tool, and above all an audio and visual experience. The concept of the game is simple: you drag and drop sound icons on different characters to make them sing and start to compose your own music. You can choose your musical style among 8 impressive atmospheres, from hip-hop to electro, from pop to jazz, from Brazilian to Indian. You can also find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune, share your mix with other users and vote for your favorite tracks, or just listen to an endless mix generated by an automatic mode.

Different versions and musical styles

Incredibox has different versions that you can choose from, each with a unique theme and musical style. The first four versions can be played both on the official Incredibox website demo and on the paid apps, while the remaining versions are exclusive to the paid apps. Here is a table that summarizes the versions and their styles:





Old school beatbox

A remastered version of the original online flash game from 2009

Little Miss


A smooth and sensual vibe



A colorful and upbeat atmosphere

The Love

French touch

A swerving electro set for the dancefloor


Samba fiesta

A blend of samba, batucada and Carnival spirit


Otaku trap

A futuristic, trippy world where geek, hip-hop and Nippon cultures collide




A fusion of Indian music, hip-hop and electro beats


Dark electro

A post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk world where machines rule

Icon Series

New wave and synth-pop

A tribute to the 80s music icons and their style

How to create, share and record your mix

Creating your own mix with Incredibox is very easy and intuitive. You just need to drag and drop the sound icons on the characters to make them sing. You can choose from different categories of sounds, such as beats, effects, melodies, voices and choruses. You can also mute or solo each character, or shuffle the sounds randomly. To unlock the animated choruses, you need to find the right sound combos, which are indicated by a pulsing icon. Once you have created your mix, you can share it with other users on the app or on the website, where you can also vote for your favorite tracks and discover new ones. You can also record your mix as a video or an audio file, and save it on your device or share it on social media.

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What is Blinding Lights?

Blinding Lights is a song by the Canadian singer and songwriter The Weeknd, released in November 2019 as the second single from his fourth studio album After Hours. The song is a synth-pop and new wave track that features 80s-inspired production and lyrics about longing for a lover after a breakup. The song was a huge commercial success, reaching number one in 34 countries and breaking several records, such as the most weeks spent in the top five and top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song also received critical acclaim and won several awards, such as the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year and the American Music Award for Favorite Song - Pop/Rock.

A mod for Incredibox

Blinding Lights is also a mod for Incredibox that lets you play with the song on the app. A mod is a modification of a game that changes its features or content, usually created by fans or independent developers. Blinding Lights is one of the many mods that have been created for Incredibox by its passionate community, using tools such as Adobe Flash or Adobe Animate. The mod was created by a user named Mr. Patoche, who uploaded it on YouTube in December 2020. The mod is based on the Icon Series version of Incredibox, which is a tribute to the 80s music icons and their style. The mod replaces the original sound icons with ones that match the song's elements, such as drums, bass, synths, vocals and choruses. The mod also changes the background image to a cityscape at night, inspired by the song's music video.

A new wave and synth-pop style

Blinding Lights is a song that belongs to the new wave and synth-pop genres, which are musical styles that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s as part of the post-punk movement. New wave is a broad term that encompasses various styles that were influenced by punk rock, disco, funk, electronic music and art pop. Some of the characteristics of new wave are catchy hooks, synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines, guitars with effects, experimentation and diversity. Synth-pop is a subgenre of new wave that focuses on synthesizers as the main musical instrument, creating pop songs with electronic sounds and robotic vocals. Some of the artists that are considered as pioneers or icons of new wave and synth-pop are Depeche Mode, New Order, Duran Duran, Blondie, The Human League, Eurythmics and Madonna.

How to Download Incredibox Blinding Lights?

If you want to download Incredibox Blinding Lights and enjoy playing with the song on your device, you will need to follow these steps:

Download the app or visit the website

The first step is to download the Incredibox app on your device or visit the official Incredibox website demo on your browser. The app is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android (smartphone/tablet) and macOS (MacBook/iMac), and it costs $4.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). The website demo is free but it only offers four versions: Alpha, Little Miss, Sunrise and The Love. You can download the app from You can download the app from the following links: - [App Store] for iOS devices - [Google Play] for Android devices - [Mac App Store] for macOS devices You can also visit the [Incredibox website demo] on your browser, but you will need to enable Flash Player to play the game.

Choose the Icon Series version

The second step is to choose the Icon Series version of Incredibox, which is the one that is compatible with the Blinding Lights mod. The Icon Series version is the latest and most recent version of Incredibox, released in October 2020. It is a tribute to the 80s music icons and their style, featuring sounds and visuals inspired by new wave, synth-pop, glam rock and pop art. T


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