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Quiko Neo Installation Manual ((HOT))

There is generally a simple method to disengage a gate motor. Most popular brands of gate motors have either a manual release lever, handle or key. You need to locate and use this to disengage/unlock the motor.

Quiko Neo Installation Manual

If the motor has a manual release key, insert the key into the lock and turn it. (If the key fits into a sliding gate door lever, pull the turned key towards you to open the door lever until it clicks into the fully unlocked position, generally perpendicular to the motor). If a gate key will not turn in the lock, try spraying the lock with WD-40 or similar, to lubricate it.

Turn the manual release in the opposite direction, to re-engage the motor. (Or close the sliding gate key lever, and remove the gate key). Once a gate motor is re-engaged, the gate will be locked even if there is no power available to operate it.

If you cannot operate your gate manually, as it is too heavy to move or it is not safe to do so, simply contact East Coast Garage Doors & Gates on 07 5476 9227 today and our friendly, professional team will book a Service Technician to repair your gate or motor.

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