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Tomb Raider Anniversary Nude Patch

An unknown "fan" used the Lara object from the game and re-textured it to make her appear naked - if you can call that naked. Besides, Eidos did not approve of it and the creators of the patch were sent a cease and desist notice by Eidos' lawyers, threatening to sue. Eidos later took possession of the domain name where the patch was hosted. A similar nude patch was created for Tomb Raider Anniversary - with similar results.

tomb raider anniversary nude patch

3) Lara's birthday suit Ever wanted to see what goes on underneath that taut, pale blue sleeveless top Lara bounds around in? Well, now you can. Sadly, however, the reality is about as sexy as a tramp's shoelace - complete the game to unlock TRA's "Textureless mode" cheat, which strips the game world of all detail - a family-friendly nude patch that leaves everything to the imagination. It looks strangely beautiful, mind. 350c69d7ab


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