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Even though this is a book about the "American Family" of Hemingses, it does contain an important core section in which Gordon-Reed takes a moment to "step away from the strict narrative . . . to analyze closely the world of the enigmatic enslaved woman whose name has gone down in history with Thomas Jefferson's." It is here in chapters 14-17 that she goes into exceptional depth on the relationship between Jefferson and Hemings from Sally's perspective. The first of these four chapters discusses what type of man Sally saw in Jefferson. The next outlines the nature of their sexual relationship and evaluates whether the relationship should be considered rape. The third chapter discusses why Sally would trust Jefferson and why she would return to Virginia with him. These three chapters build to the final one in the series, which evaluates the question of whether the two loved each other. As Rothman says in his thoughtful review, Gordon-Reed "never explicitly states that the Jefferson-Hemings association was consensual," but she takes such pains to stress Sally's "agency and individuality" that the reader loses sight "of those baseline issues of power and privilege." In the final analysis, Gordon-Reed's Sally is a woman bright and mature enough to assess whether she could trust the future of her children to the word of Gordon-Reed's Jefferson, who appears "more human" than the "bloodless icon of the American Pantheon," though "not necessarily more likeable."

Although that scurrilous rogue James Thomson Callender may have been right about the scandal, America's perception of Sally Hemings now is drastically different from what it was in 1802, as described way back in episode 1. Who could have known that the woman the scandalmonger reviled as a "slut as common as the pavement" in 1802 would be elevated to mythic first lady of the country in 2009? Even if we are inclined to discount Walker's serious but no doubt consciously sensational proposition, there is likewise no doubt that, in the superbly succinct sound-bite phrasing of the encomium accompanying a Gordon-Reed award, "At last, Jefferson is a man with a body as well as a mind, and Hemings is a woman with a mind as well as a body." "All those dead in the past never lived before our definition gives them life," says Jack Burden in Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men, "and out of the shadow their eyes implore us." It feels no exaggeration to say that something like Sally's imploring eyes is what -- from William Wells Brown through Pearl Graham and Fawn Brodie and Barbara Chase-Riboud and Robert Cooley to Tina Andrews and Annette Gordon-Reed -- gave two hundred years of life to this controversy and eventually life to her. De profundis. 350c69d7ab


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