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Slidedynamic Powerpoint Addin

While Prezis are great for adding a fresh zooming take on old and boring topics, Prezis still lack the universal appeal of Microsoft PowerPoint. This is why you might want to mash up the two platforms by embedding Prezis in PowerPoint. Here are two easy methods that you can use for embedding Prezi in PowerPoint.

Slidedynamic Powerpoint Addin

Whether you let the audience decide the direction of your presentation by offering them different options to choose from, you create a navigation bar for your presentation or you allow yourself to determine the flow as you go by adding a progress bar, you have tons of options.

To create a PowerPoint presentation from R Markdown, you specify the powerpoint_presentation output format in the YAML metadata of your document. Please note that this output format is only available in rmarkdown >= v1.9, and requires at least Pandoc v2.0.5. You can check the versions of your rmarkdown package and Pandoc with packageVersion('rmarkdown') and rmarkdown::pandoc_version() in R, respectively. The RStudio version 1.1.x ships Pandoc, which is not sufficient to generate PowerPoint presentations. You need to either install Pandoc 2.x by yourself if you use RStudio 1.1.x, or install a preview version of RStudio (>= 1.2.633), which has bundled Pandoc 2.x.

The default slide level (i.e., the heading level that defines individual slides) is determined in the same way as in Beamer slides (Section 4.3.2), and you can specify an explicit level via the slide_level option under powerpoint_presentation. You can also start a new slide without a header using a horizontal rule ---.

Since we will be adding slides to the presentation to create a new slide for each row of data, we need to continuously update our array of slides (as we did when declaring the slides variable) and its length, which we do by: 350c69d7ab


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