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Travelling Man And The Travellers

The programme focuses on the presenter travelling to a popular city in each episode, accompanied by a celebrity guest, to provide viewers a potential itinerary for a two-day (48-hour) break. The series is characterised by a fast-paced format, consumer advice and light humour.

Travelling Man and the travellers


But some words have two forms that appear often enough in edited text to make it clear that something else is going on. And so it is with forms of the verb travel: traveled and travelled, and traveling and travelling.

If you look at where the single l forms originate and where the double l forms originate a pattern emerges: in the United States, traveled and traveling predominate, and everywhere else travelled and travelling are preferred.

Look at this photograph very carefully. Find something wrong with it? This picture was found on the Virtual Museum of Canada website and dates all the way back to 1941. The picture is said to be the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 40s in Gold Bridge, B.C, Canada. While it is a completely normal photograph, one cannot help but notice this gentleman in hipster clothes. He doesn't really look like a 'part of the crew' here, does he? Could he have been travelling back in time? 350c69d7ab


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