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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

The Zombie Apocalypse X: A Minecraft Map Series with Quests, Weapons and Zombies

Well, there are a few players out there who have decided to do just that. They've created servers where you can build your own base and gather resources while zombies try to kill you at every turn. This article will explore three of the best Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse servers on offer today.

PurplePrison is a prison server with a twist. You can earn money by mining, killing zombies, and completing quests. You can use this money to buy things in the shop, such as guns and armor. The server has a large community of players who are always willing to help if you get stuck on something or want someone to talk to.

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PurplePrison is a truly fantastic server. As you may have guessed from the name, there are prisoners and guards. However, unlike other prison servers where players get arrested for committing crimes against others (or griefing), in PurplePrison, you can earn money by mining, killing zombies, and completing quests. The more money you have in your account, the more items are available for purchase in the shop.

This means that even if someone isn't online often enough to get promoted through normal means, they'll still progress through the ranks based on how well they play when they log in. This makes sense since zombies wouldn't care whether or not someone had been playing all day long anyway.

You are dropped into a zombie-infested planet with little more than a basic starter kit. You have to move about collecting weapons and other scavenged items while avoiding or eliminating walkers because even one bite can be lethal. Walkers won't be your main concern if you participate on a PvP server.

A zombie apocalypse has taken over the world. Three survivors make it their duty to survive when they find a helpless child in need of protection. They must fight their way through hordes of zombies in a large city if they intend to make it to the safe haven. Survival at any cost.

In a ghost town that has been destroyed by zombies, FlameGuardian and Sven Veltsted (kid-sized) are introduced. Flame grabs Sven and sprints into a building, finding a backpack in there. As Flame starts taking things out of the backpack, she places a gun that was in there on a box, and she pulls out a potato. As she puts the potato on the box, the gun falls down and fires, causing zombies to go there. Flame hides Sven behind a door and runs outside with a gun, as a zombie parkours its way towards the sound. Flame shoots the first zombie but turns to see a zombie leap at her.

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